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Trust the experienced team of pest control specialists at Feral Peril Regina for all your pest control needs. Feral Peril offers you quality pest control at affordable prices. Our exterminators live and work in the community so they know how to handle and stay ahead of your pest situation. Whether you’re dealing with a handful of insects or a full-blown infestation, Feral Peril Regina is here to help eradicate your home or office of its pest problem. Feral Peril is your pest control solution in Regina, SK.

When you give Feral Peril a call the first thing we do is identify the pest and how it made its way into your home or office. Our professional, expert exterminators then formulate a plan that is specific to your needs to eliminate your pest problem. This plan also includes proactive measures to keep those pests out. Feral Peril Regina gives you long-term solutions to your pest problem, not just a temporary fix.

Pests and rodents aren’t just inconvenient and make a mess. Whether it’s in your home or at the office, they can cause real harm. They can carry diseases that can cause health risks to your family or employees, as well as cause structural damage to your home or office. This is why as soon as you see one pest or rodent it is in your best interest to call Feral Peril Regina. Once you see one there is usually more nearby.

If you are looking for an exterminator, look no further than the specialists at Feral Peril Regina. We offer services for both residential and commercial. Not only will we rid you of your pest problem but we also offer pest management services to help keep them away. If you’re looking for the top pest control company in Regina, give Feral Peril a call. We’re not only the best pest control company in Saskatchewan, but our services are also budget-friendly.

Types of Pests We Handle

  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Rats/Mice
  • Bats
  • Bees/Hornets/Wasps
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Silverfish
  • Pigeons
  • Skunks

Feral Peril also offers services such as dead animal removal, wildlife prevention services, and emergency animal removal services.

  • Dead Animal Removal – Say you wake up one morning look out your kitchen window and notice a dead animal in your yard. First of all, don’t touch it, it may be full of disease. Give Feral Peril Regina a call and we will come and safely remove it from your property.
  • Wildlife Prevention – After safely and humanely removing the animal from your home or office our expert exterminators will determine how they got it. Once the point of entry has been determined we will begin covering those areas up. The two most common areas for animals to get in are the chimney and the roof. The animal can cause damage to your roof and vents just so they can get in. We use steel mesh to cover up entry points so they can’t get in.
  • Emergency Removal – Emergency removal refers to a bat flying around in the kitchen, a squirrel in the living room, or a snake in the bathroom. These incidents would classify as an emergency animal removal and Feral Peril Regina should be called immediately. Our specialists will remove the animal safely and humanely.

With Feral Peril Regina your satisfaction is guaranteed. Feral Peril Regina is here to keep you, your home, and your office safe and pest-free. Whether you’re dealing with bugs, birds, rodents, or wildlife, Feral Peril Regina is your solution. We will determine the problem and how they got in and then come up with a plan of action, specifically for you, to get rid of it. We will also put measures in place to prevent them from returning. Give us a call today for your free no-obligation quote.

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