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Bird Removal in Saskatchewan

You wake up on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. Still in your pajamas, coffee and a good book in hand you walk out onto your balcony and then it happens. The balcony is completely covered in bird droppings. It’s so frustrating and off putting. The smell alone can make your stomach but it can also attract other pests. If you’re in the Arcola East Regina area and are having bird issues we at Feral Peril would love to help you out.

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We use special industry cleaning solutions that are not harmful and also environmentally friendly. It’s been proven that bird and pigeon feces carry disease and may transmit harmful bacteria. We at Feral Peril take careful care and every protection when cleaning up the contaminated area. Our technicians are effective, and properly trained and equipped.

Bird Removal in Saskatchewan

The biggest part of bird removal is prevention. Putting measures in place to ensure that you don’t have an incident in the first place. There are a few different services we offer to aid in prevention, and the choice is yours. We have bird netting, bird trapping programs, bird/pigeon spikes, and electric bird deterrent tracks.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting is a really effective product. It’s flexible, lightweight and has low visibility so it can be used on almost any structure. Our high-quality netting is made of polyethylene, it is knotted and has over 40 pounds of breaking strength. The best part….it’s long lasting.

Bird Trapping Programs

With our bird trapping program the first thing we need to is determine habitat. We need to establish their roosting patterns, so we scope out the scene and encourage the birds to continue roosting. The next step is to get the warming up stage. This is where we want the birds to start getting comfortable with the trap structures. We do this by putting bait in the traps but allowing them to still be able to walk in and out as they please. The final stage is the actual trapping of the birds. Once the birds have warmed up to and have be comfortable with the traps we now activate them and begin actually catching the birds.

Bird/Pigeon Spikes

So before you start running around and shouting “the birds, the birds, will someone please think of the birds,” it’s not as scary as it all sounds. Bird/Pigeon spikes are well proven, long lasting, and absolutely maintenance free. Bird/Pigeon spikes are the most popular form of bird control because of it’s easy installation and one of the most effective, when properly installed.

Electric Bird Deterrent Tracks

Electric bird deterrent tracks are popular solution because of their low profile – only 8mm in height. The system uses a constant, flow of low voltage electricity that can either be supplied from the building or a small solar charger. The only downside to the deterrent tracks is that from time to time debris, water or snow can short the tracks and they might stop working. The deterrent tracks require maintenance to ensure the tracks are receiving the optimum operating charge. The tracks must be cleaned and the connections checked regularly.

When it’s time to making a call to a pest control company in your area whether you live in Regina or in any part of the Saskatchewan, you must ensure that you are hiring a reliable, experienced and well-informed pest exterminator. When looking for a dependable and reliable pest control services provider, look no further! CONTACT US TODAY!

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