Bird Removal Services – Birds Control Services Regina, SK

Bird Control and Removal Services in Regina, SK

Bird Control and Removal Services in Regina, SK

Feral Peril is the most reliable and proven bird control and removal service company in Regina, SK. Our techniques are humane and safe. If you are experiencing a bird problem at home or work Feral Peril is your solution. We are here to serve you and keep your home and office safe and disease free. Birds not only build nests for their families but they also carry disease and can cause structural damage. Removing this problem can be difficult unless you call the experts at Feral Peril.

If you’re a homeowner birds are noisy, can create a huge mess, and are unhygienic. As a businessman, you can be liable for lawsuits due to people slipping and falling from the droppings left behind. Employees can also file lawsuits due to any bird-related diseases. Feral Peril offers options to both homeowners and business owners to remove the current bird problem as well as preventive measures to keep it from happening again.

At Feral Peril, we offer affordable options to keep the birds at bay. We find out where they like to nest and seal up those spots. We look at both indoor and outdoor spots to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We help to control and prevent bird invasions regardless of their species


Pigeons are very common in open spaces and are very comfortable around humans. Pigeons are quite a nuisance when they decide to invade the home or office. They not only deface property but can also cause quite a health risk to humans. Their droppings are very corrosive and can cause property damage. Pigeons are always on the lookout for nesting spots as they lay eggs 7 to 8 times a year and can breed year-round.


Vacant spaces provide the perfect spot for a Starling’s home. These birds are very territorial and will get rid of more submissive birds in order to take over the nesting space. Not only do their droppings deface property but their nests are known to clog pipes and drainages which can lead to water damage.


Sparrows are always on the lookout for food, safety, and shelter. Their lifestyle and eating habits create a nuisance to property owners. These birds may be small in stature but the mess they leave behind can be colossal. Sparrows build unnecessary large nests typically in drainpipes and gutters. This can lead to water clogging and electrical short circuits.

Canadian Geese

If you haven’t noticed, the Canadian Geese population has been on the rise in the last few years. These large birds will invade any and every space. Canadian Geese can cause a great deal of damage as well as carry great health risks to humans. Their droppings have the ability to contaminate water and food sources. Because of their stature, these birds rarely fear humans and can be quite intimidating. They’re also known to become aggressive and attack when provoked.

One of Feral Peril’s tried and true ways of preventing birds from coming back is bird netting. It is a high-end solution for both residential and commercial properties. Following are the benefits of using bird netting as a preventative measure.

  • Safety: This can keep you safe while enjoying the view from your balcony or as a spectator at a sporting event.
  • No harm to the birds: Unlike poison and chemicals bird netting offers a safe and humane way to keep birds at bay.
  • Keeps the birds out of the ventilation and rooftops
  • Reduces the effect of bird droppings
  • Keeps birds out of your orchards
  • Helps to curb health issues brought on by the birds
  • The low-maintenance and affordable option
  • Minimizes your liability risk

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