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Brandon, MB Pest Control

Brandon, MB Pest Control

Feral Peril is a group of local pest control specialists that want to help eliminate those unwanted house guests in a humane way. Each pest/rodent is different and so is our approach. We will come and assess the situation and come up with a specific plan for you and your family.

Carpenter Ants

These little guys are the sneakiest of demolition groups. These tiny pests can cause thousands of dollars of damage without you even noticing them. They will eat their way through your wood flooring, framing, and even your wood furniture.

Bed Bugs

Nobody likes bed bugs and understands how much of a hassle they can be but they’re actually much worse than you think. They’re stubborn and extremely hard to get rid of.  Being preventative is ideal and Feral Peril has you covered.


Not only are cockroaches downright gross they can be fatal as well. These creepy crawlies can impact one’s digestive and respiratory health and can even cause sepsis. Due to their small stature, they get into all types of spaces and crevices all the while spreading bacteria and droppings.


Mice can be a menace to both your home and health. Back in the day, we relied on snap traps but pest control for these little guys has come a long way. We now look to the source. We find their nesting place, take away their food source and close up all entry points to ensure they don’t return.


Pigeons might seem a little harder to control due to their overpopulation but Feral Peril knows exactly what to do. Whether you choose spikes, netting, or visual deterrents, we will make sure to get rid of that annoying constant cooing, and unsightly droppings that these pests bring.


It’s hard to avoid these eight-legged little critters and they multiply by the hundreds. So getting on top of the problem and being preventative is imperative. So instead of trying to deal with them one by one we do a big clean sweep.


These little guys are a little harder to detect and usually fly under the radar. They’re always looking for their next meal which typically is food crumbs, paper, cardboard, or any organic adhesives. If you do actually find these pests in your home you need to call Feral Peril.

Feral Peril is a well-known brand in the pest control industry with multiple pest control products that we sell on a daily basis. Many building engineers, builders, pest control contractors, and businesses purchase our pest control products. Check our online store:

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