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Pest Control in Churchill Downs Regina, SK

Pest Control in Churchill Downs Regina, SK

Feral Peril takes great pride in serving and being the top pest control company in Churchill Downs Regina, SK. Our friendly professional technicians are certified and experienced to remove whatever pest has invaded your home or office. They are fully equipped to remove the problem humanely using eco-friendly products. Feral Peril is constantly watching out for and keeping up with the latest removal techniques so we can better serve the people of Saskatchewan. Keeping your home and office safe and free of pests is Feral Peril’s top priority.

Have you or someone else recently discovered a small intruder running around your home or office? Feral Peril is here to the rescue. Pest problems are common and can happen at any time, the key is to catch it early. The earlier you notice the problem and call Feral Peril, the easier it is to deal with and eliminate. Feral Peril is well aware of how uncomfortable pests make people feel and the health risks that they carry. Our pest control methods are not only proven and have a perfect track record, but our technicians are also discreet. We guarantee to remove those unwanted pests from your home and office quickly and efficiently.

Rodents tend to seek shelter in the cooler months, but once they’ve set up shop they can cause more damage than just an infestation. Not only can they cause health risks due to the diseases they carry they can also put your home at risk of electrical fires by chewing on your wires. As mentioned, rodents cause health risks by the diseases and bacteria they carry. This is transmitted through them scurrying through your home, on countertops, and in cupboards, as well as going through and eating various sources of food. These little creatures are quite resourceful and it doesn’t take a very big opening for them to find their way into your home. With Feral Peril, our technicians will find the sources of entry and block them from getting back in.

The pest that tends to get the worst reputation and cause people to squirm at the mention of their name is cockroaches. These little critters will make anywhere home as long as there is food, water, and shelter. They love warm and damp spaces, which is why you’ll tend to see them in a bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any plumbing area. People tend to associate cockroaches with unsanitary conditions but this isn’t always the case. These unwanted guests can hitch a ride into your home or office from almost anywhere. As soon as you see one it is important to call Feral Peril before you have a more serious problem.

Another pest that causes shivers at the mear thought is bed bugs. Although it’s true that bed bugs don’t like the cold, does not mean that they are only active in the warmer months. As long as they have access to a food source they will remain active. However, if the temperature does drop significantly, they will go into a hibernation-like state, as adults can survive without feeding for months. These critters can be a little harder to get rid of so as soon as you notice them give Feral Peril a call right away!

Feral Peril has serviced many different clients such as homes, offices, commercial spaces, and more. If you have started noticing a rodent or pest our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians can take care of it for you. Our services are top quality at affordable prices while using humane methods. Because of our lengthy experience, proven track record, and numerous satisfied clients we have become leaders in our industry. When you think of pest control think Feral Peril.

Feral Peril is a well-known brand in the pest control industry with multiple pest control products that we sell daily. Many building engineers, builders, pest control contractors, and businesses purchase our pest control products. Check our online store:

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