Commercial and Industrial Pest Removal Regina, SK

Commercial and Industrial Pest Removal Regina, SK

Industrial and Commercial Pest and Rodent Removal Regina, SK

Feral Peril is your only solution for industrial and commercial pest control in Regina, SK. We are your answer for a trustworthy, reliable, experienced, and skilled pest control company. Pests and rodents don’t differentiate between residential, industrial, or commercial spaces, they just invade and wreak havoc. At Feral Peril, our services are customized and suited to your specific situation. We know and understand that no two situations are alike so the way we approach the situation and our plan of attack shouldn’t be cookie-cutter either.

Our services and solutions are efficient and effective. They are provided and backed up by technicians that are skilled, knowledgeable, and extensively trained. Whether your pest is as small as a bed bug or something of a larger nature like a raccoon, we guarantee that our technicians will humanely deal with and remove the problem, as well as put measures in place to prevent it from happening again.

Industrial Pest Removal

The type of space may be an indication of the type of pest you may be prone to but a pest won’t pass you by because of the type of space you are in. A pest’s nature is to invade and cause damage to the area they inhabit. Some of the typical pests that are more likely to invade an industrial space are bats, birds, rats, and ants. Due to the busy nature of an industrial area by the time, pests are noticed it has already become a problem. Pests love to use spaces like vents and small holes as nests. They have even been known to use machinery as a home. When pests are on site not only can they cause structural damage but incidents like small fires may occur. These small but deadly critters can be a real safety hazard.

Commercial Pest Removal

If you have commercial property and are noticing a pest or rodent problem you need the expertise of the Feral Peril staff and technicians. Our team has helped many companies, both big and small, rid themselves of their pest and rodent issues. We are methodical and meticulous in our ways but your satisfaction is guaranteed. We ensure that we rid you of the problem and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.  We have helped restaurants, healthcare offices, government buildings, and many other commercial properties. Our staff and technicians have a deep knowledge of the various pests in various industries. We are continually learning and keeping ourselves up to date on the latest news and trends.

When you choose the friendly professional team at Feral Peril Regina, SK you are choosing results. When you give our office a call we will discuss the issue and your concerns, we will then set up a time to come to visit and assess the space and what damage has been caused, we will then come up with a specific plan geared to your situation, and lastly, after we have removed the pests we will cover up and block any holes and put preventative measures in place to ensure they don’t return.

Pests can cause damage in a variety of ways. They can also cause health risks to you and your employees as they carry diseases. It is critical that as soon as you notice a pest or rodent you reach out to our team.  Delaying the process will only cause a bigger problem in the long run. Our methods are humane and eco-friendly. We take our work seriously and take great pride in what we get to do. We love serving the community of Regina, SK, and the surrounding areas.

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