Emergency Animal Removal Services in Regina, SK – Wildlife Pest Control

Wildlife Pest Control - Emergency Removal Services - Regina, SK

Wildlife Pest Control – Emergency Removal Services – Regina, SK

Bats, snakes, raccoons, and skunks all interact with humans for three reasons, shelter, food, and water. When dealing with wildlife like these, whether dead or alive, there is only one way to handle them. You need the professionals at Feral Peril Regina. We specialize in wildlife pest control and emergency removal services for both residential and commercial spaces. Our tried and tested methods deliver results every single time.

Whether you require preventative services or emergency removal Feral Peril Regina ensures the prevention of intrusion from suburban wildlife. Our thorough inspection will locate every point of entry so we can then seal them up to prevent any more unwanted visitors. Feral Peril Regina uses a humane approach to wildlife pest control which reduces stress and ensures no harm to the animals. If you are experiencing a wildlife problem or need emergency removal services contact Feral Peril Regina immediately.

Bat Removal Services

Feral Peril Regina provides effective expert bat removal services. Our professional and highly trained technicians know and understand the necessary precautions needed when handling at-risk species like bats. When you call Feral Peril Regina we will not only do a thorough walk-through but we will come up with a removal plan uniquely designed for you. Our technicians will seal up the majority of the entryways while placing one-way doors on the few remaining entryways. The one-way doors allow the bats to leave but they will be unable to reenter and because all the other entry points are sealed they are forced to find a new home.

Raccoon Removal Services

When it comes to raccoons Feral Peril Regina believes in a multiple options solution. Raccoons can be rather clever and we want to come at the problem from multiple angles. Not only will our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians look at the main and secondary entry points, but we will also try to find any additional entry points that they might use. This helps us to be preventative as well ensuring that this won’t happen in the future. The main method that we like to use when it comes to raccoons is a one-way door. The only exception to this method is if the raccoon has babies. If there are baby raccoons our technicians will carefully remove them and place them in an insulated box. The baby raccoons will stay in this insulated box until mommy raccoon relocates them.

Skunk Removal Services

When it comes to skunk removal our trained and certified technicians ensure that both the animal and customer are kept safe throughout the process. Throughout the entire process, we keep our customers updated on what is happening. We also explain every step of the process so that they are aware and understand what is going on. Trying to remove skunks on your own can be dangerous, that is why you need to professionals at Feral Peril Regina.

Dead Animal Removal Services

Cities like Regina which have a high population of wildlife are in need of services like dead animal removal. A dead animal could be due to various causes such as an animal attack, natural causes, or a traffic accident. A dead animal should not be left to rot, it needs to be attended to as soon as possible. Depending on where the animal is found depends on who you call. If the animal is not on your property you need to the city. If the animal is found on your property then give Feral Peril a call.

Emergency Animal Removal Services

You may be asking yourself what exactly is an emergency animal removal, and you would not be alone. If you find yourself in a predicament where there’s a snake in your toilet, a raccoon just ran across the living room, a bat flying around in the kitchen, or a skunk just walking down the hallway, you would be experiencing an animal removal emergency. These incidents can happen as humans occupy more land and wildlife find it harder to find a home in their natural habitat. The most important thing to remember when you’re experiencing an animal removal emergency is to not try and handle it on your own, call the professionals at Feral Peril Regina.

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