Feral Peril Pest Control Company Regina, Saskatchewan

Are you looking to get rid of bugs, spiders, rodents, bees or mosquitoes flying around at your home or office? Are you tired of house mouse, skunks, raccoons coming back again and again to your property?

Well, we can help! At Feral Peril we specialize in services to protect you, your family and staff from what bugs you. We are dedicated to provide outstanding services that is led by our team of pest control experts and entomologists.

Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control Inc. is an industry-leader in specialized pest protection and prevention. From pigeon control, bird netting, spikes, bat removal, insects and bugs extermination to wildlife prevention including emergency animal removal, we provides industry-leading pest control services that helps you remove unwanted pests from your property. We offer environmentally safe pest management solutions along with year-round home and commercial office protection.

All our technicians are equipped with award-winning training and exceptional expertise and guarantee safe extermination!

When you call us, we inspect the property and on the basis of the pest control requirements, we offer the free estimate. This way, once we agree, we begin the work. Our focus is always to eliminate the existing pest as soon as possible.

Further, once we remove the pest or wildlife from your property, we offer wildlife prevention and exclusion services for the property. This is a service that prevents birds or other wildlife from entering and further damaging the protected areas, or, becoming a risk to you, your family or staff’s health.

Every job we do, our goal is to solve your pest problem and this is our #1 priority at all times.

Call us to get your free estimate. 1.306.522.1292

We offer services for Residential Homes, Apartment Balconies, Commercial Buildings. We also work with Architects and Engineers who are involved in the building and maintenance sites. Get in touch with us for Bed Bugs, Spider, Pavement Ant, Carpenter Ant, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, House mouse, Rat and Raccoon Removal Services. Check our services below: