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Noticing some unwanted house guests lately? Seeing a few more critters or creepy crawlies than usual. Then you need the experts at Feral Peril. They are the number one pest control company in Saskatchewan. Whether it’s been an ongoing problem or you’re being proactive the professionals at Feral Peril will make sure the only approved guests in your home are of the human kind.

Skunks, Porcupines, and Foxes

Now these four legged creatures are on the bigger side but not an issue for Feral Peril. These creatures although cute looking can become viscious when they feel they’re being attacked but also carry the possibility of rabies, which can be very harmful to humans. These creatures are caught humanely and relocated to a more natural habitat.


Although adorable to look at these little ones can cause a lot of damage. Their droppings alone can cause health hazards. The first plan of action when it comes to these little critters is to block up any cracks and openings that they can get through.


Bats tend to get a bad rap. They do have a bit of a reputation but it’s mainly a myth. The truth is that these fanscinating creatures eat half their body weight in mosiquitos…DAILY! This alone makes them a great outdoor “pet”, they can just be a little creepy is all. Our solution is to build a bat house close to your home and once they’ve left yours seal up all entry points.


These flying annoyances seem to be everywhere these days. Their fdroppings are acidic and corrosive, not good for the health of any human. This can lead to respitory diseases.

Bed Bugs

As travel increases so do bed bug cases. They are so small and can attach to anything, luggage, clothing, and thus transported to different locations.

Pharoh Ants

These tiny creepy crawlies and the most common species in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They are attracted to moisture and live in cracks and crevices.

Bees. Wasps. and Hornets

NOBODY likes sitting in their backyard, on their deck, enjoying the sunshine and having to constantly swat at tiny little flying deathstars. Feral Peril is your solution to this problem.

Carpenter Ants

Rotting wood and moisture is their enviroment of choice but they can create absolute havoc on your home. And if they decide to make your home their home and build a nest it can cause serious structural damage.

Yes there are many different types of pests and we have just as many solutions on how to handle them. Every situation is different so if any of these pests are pestering you than give Feral Peril a call for your free quote and discuss your options.

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