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North Battleford, SK Pest Control

North Battleford, SK Pest Control

Insects and various pests are a nuisance and unwanted in a home regardless of size or time of year. It’s always better to catch it early and be more preventative than reactive but that’s not always possible. Let’s look at some of the signs of infestation from different pests so you can recognize them early on.

Ants – Ants aren’t that hard to miss as you’ll notice the whole army marching in single file along your baseboards or a gathering outside on your walkway. Or you may notice a bunch of anthills in the front or back yard. Although there’s no physical harm to you it can cause havoc on your property because they do live in huge colonies.

Spiders – If you’ve been seeing a few more spiders in your home, or some cobwebs, there is a chance you may have an infestation. You really want to get on top of this once you notice because a female spider can lay up to 250 eggs at one time which will just cause a bigger problem.

Crickets – You will definitely hear these little critters before you ever see one. They love moist places such as your basement and are nocturnal, so just as you’re trying to go to sleep you’ll hear them serenading you with that annoying chirping they love to do.

Bees & Wasps – Both look quite similar and often get mistaken for each other. They live in large colonies where you have one queen and a bunch of workers. They love flowers and things sweet.

Cockroaches – If you’ve noticed what may look like coffee grounds or pepper on the floor but know it wasn’t you then you might have a cockroach problem. These critters typically operate in the dark but if you’ve ever seen one in the day you most likely have an infestation.

Centipedes – These insects love damp spaces and will gravitate to unfinished spaces such as basements, bathrooms, and closets. They are also nocturnal and come out mainly at night.

If you’ve been noticing signs of any of these little critters and pests then it’s time to give Feral Peril a call. When you call we’ll give you a free quote and discuss a plan of action, as each situation is different. We use eco-friendly products and ensure the safe and humane removal of larger pests.

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