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Best Pest Control Services in Regina, Saskatoon – Expert Recommended Company – FERAL PERIL

Office & Commercial Space Pest Control, Bugs Removal and Pigeon Control Services. Premier Pest Control by Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control.

Feral Peril‘s reputation boasts quality pest control services, protecting you and your property across Saskatchewan. We are your best friend when it comes to pest extermination. Whether you have pest problem at your home, office or commercial space such as industrial units, warehouses, manufacturing plants and low rise & high rise buildings, Feral Peril is the No#1 Expert recommended Pest Control Company. Our services include:

Wildlife Control Services in Regina, SK

  • Bat removal services
  • Squirrel & raccoons removal services
  • Skunk removal services
  • Wildlife prevention services
  • Dead animal removal services
  • Emergency animal removal

Where Regina is a prime destination for pests like Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Mice, Rats, Wasps and Biting Insects, the City of Regina has used integrated pest management strategies for many years to control pests in its parks and athletic fields. You may have noticed that stink bugs are a common pest in the Regina area and can cause significant damage to crops, especially commercial crops. Feral Peril has the answer to all your pest control problems. We are Certified Best Pest Control Company in Regina, Saskatoon providing pest control treatment with proper safety, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Pest Control Services in Regina, SK

We believes in protecting the environment. We ensure a high level of commitment to sound environmental practices throughout our business.  Feral Peril is an Award-winning & top-rated Pest Control & Pest Extermination company serving Regina, Yorkton, Moosejaw areas. For residents and business owners in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan, the best pest control solution is Feral Peril. Call your local pest control experts today!

If you would like your pest problem taken care of professionally, we’d be happy to get in touch!


Whether you are in the CENTRAL ZONE: Al Ritchie, Cathedral, Core Group, Downtown, Eastview, Gladmer Park, North Central, Transitional Area OR in the EAST ZONE: Greens on Gardiner, Arcola East – North, Arcola East – South, Boothill, Glencairn, Glenelm OR in the NORTH ZONE: Argyle Park-Englewood, Coronation Park, Northeast, Uplands OR in the SOUTH ZONE: Albert Park, Hillsdale, Lakeview, Whitmore Park OR even in the WEST ZONE: Dieppe, McNab, Normanview, Normanview West, Prairie View, Regent Park, Rosemont/Mount Royal, Sherwood/McCarthy, Twin Lakes and Walsh Acres / Lakeridge. We offer services for Residential Homes, Apartment Balconies, Commercial Buildings. We ensure health and safety policy standards for a safe workplace.