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Stopping buildings from going to birds using Bird Netting.

We work together with property management companies, developers and building restoration companies to help them integrate bird netting safely and effectively with no impact on the structure and/or aesthetics of the building.

Bird Netting is a very effective exclusion product. Due to its flexibility, lightweight and low visibility it can be used on almost any configuration of structure. High-quality netting is made of polyethylene (not polypropylene), it is knotted (not knitted or molded) and has 40+ pounds of breaking strength. Mounting bird netting to any structure requires serious planning and is always project specific, often requiring custom designed, and engineered and fabricated hardware to facilitate proper integration, which in turn ensures aesthetics, effectiveness and longevity.

Call Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control at 306-522-1292 for a free netting estimate.

3-stage program to keep your building bird free!

Stage one: establish habitat

This initial stage is to establish roosting patterns and habitat.  Feral Peril technicians scope out the scene and coax the birds to continue roosting where they are and welcome any stray birds to join in on the action.  Afterall birds of a feather, flock together.

Stage two: warm up

This second stage is to allow the birds to get comfortable with new structures (traps) around them.  Feral Peril technicians set out a pre-trap baiting program where the birds are able to come and go as they please in and out of our custom-built traps.  They further establish roosting patterns and become accustomed to buffet that we provide.

Stage three: trapping

This third and final stage is when we see results.  Feral Peril technicians place our custom-built traps into active trap mode and attend to the caught birds each day.  Our technicians continue trapping until there are no more resident birds in the area, which allows us, at that point, to block/exclude the problem area with the preferred exclusion method so that the property will remain bird free, guaranteed.

Feral Peril does sell our custom made traps directly to consumers, but remember, improperly installed or used traps will fail. Contact us today at 306-522-1292 to get a quote for a professional trapping program for your property.

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Nowhere near as scary as they sound.

Bird Spikes are a proven, long-lasting and maintenance-free bird control solution that humanely deters pigeons from landing or roosting on your home or building.

Bird spikes or pigeon spikes are popular due to their ease of installation and they are one of the most effective bird control products when properly installed.

Our high-quality Feral Peril bird spikes design consists of marine grade stainless steel, stiff, blunted prongs that are inserted into a UV-protected, transparent, flexible plastic base.

This well designed and engineered bird spike strip also has maximum horizontal and vertical ledge coverage with a staggered spike configuration that is not too dense and not too loose. Dense pigeon spikes configuration will collect debris/nesting material and loose pigeon spikes configuration will allow pigeons to get a foothold and squeeze in between.

Feral Peril avoids using needle type pigeon spikes as these can injure the installer and/or the birds and collect debris easily. Feral Peril does sell bird spikes directly to consumers, but remember, improperly installed pigeon spikes will fail. Contact us to get a quote for a professional installation with a warranty.

A gentle reminder to stay away.

Electric bird deterrent tracks are a popular solution due to their low profile – only 8mm in height. The system is dependent on a constant, clean flow of low voltage electricity that can either be supplied from the building or through a small solar charger. The downside is that occasionally, debris, water or snow can short the tracks and they may stop working, therefore it requires maintenance to ensure the tracks are receiving the optimum operating charge. The tracks need to be cleaned and the connections checked regularly.

The tracks are fastened using adhesive or screws and are powered by a plug-in or solar charger.

These types of electric bird deterrent systems are advertised as being totally humane and not harmful to birds and/or humans.

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Commercial and residential rooftop and balcony cleaning services.

There is not much that is more off-putting than an area that’s been heavily bird-bombed? The droppings not only look and smell disgusting but also attract other vermin. Inevitably the stuff ends up tracked into your home or building where it combines with house-dust to degrade interior air quality. Feral Peril can come by and clean up the contaminated area with our special industry cleaning solutions that are not at all harmful and are environmentally friendly.

According to Medical News Today, wild bird and pigeon feces can carry disease and is known to cause spores that may transmit harmful bacterial fungus to human beings. Proper care and attention is required with personal protective equipment and respiratory gear when cleaning and the feces become airborne.  Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control technicians are very effective, properly equipped and professionally trained to assist you.

Cleaning is always part of our work and it is mandatory before our technicians begin trapping programs and/or installation of any exclusions or deterrents.