Pest Control in Northeast Regina – Residential and Commercial Pigeon Removal

Northeast Regina Residential and Commercial Pigeon Removal

Northeast Regina Residential and Commercial Pigeon Removal

Feral Peril’s knowledgeable and professional technicians are specially trained to remove your pigeon problem in the most humane way possible. We will locate entry points and nesting areas and then come up with the best method of removing them and preventing them from returning. Having a group of pigeons roosting, whether on your balcony, rooftop, or ledge, can not only be annoying but it can cause a lot of problems. Feral Peril is the answer to your pigeon problem.

When pigeons start to roost it is typically a group of at least 12. That many birds cooing all at once can be more than irritating. Then there’s the daily droppings of excrement, this waste is both messy and a health hazard.  These birds, when they congregate and start nesting can also cause structural damage to your home or office. So once you see them starting to gather it’s time to reach out to Feral Peril, don’t wait til there’s a big problem, be proactive.

Types of Bird Removal Tools

  • Bird Netting: Bird netting is a very effective tool in keeping pigeons and other birds at bay. It can be used on almost any structure due to its lightweight and flexibility. And because it is a net it won’t take away from your visibility.
  • Bird Trapping: Bird trapping takes a little more time and patience as there are three stages. Step one is establishing their roosting habits and habitat. The second stage is the warm-up where you allow the birds to get comfortable with the new structures and traps. Lastly, is where the traps are put in active mode and you sit back and watch the results.
  • Bird Spikes: Bird spikes are one of our most popular deterrents. They have a proven track record. They are low maintenance and humane. They are easy to install and when installed correctly one of the most effective ways to deter pigeons and other birds from roosting.
  • Electric Deterrents: These electric deterrent tracks are only 8mm in height and are dependent on a flow of low voltage energy continuously running. The charge can either come from the building or a solar power charger.

As you can see there are various ways to handle your pigeon problem. Each situation is different and our expert technicians will come up with a solution specifically geared to your situation. However, we have found that a multiple-method approach is most effective and works best for a long-term solution. You want to make your area uninviting to our winged friends.

When it comes to pigeon removal and control your health is our priority. Pigeons carry salmonella and chlamydophilia psittaci which causes great health risks to you and your family. Outside of health risks, the feces of these animals cause structural damage as it contains uric acid which is highly corrosive. Pigeons can cause damage to air conditioning units and rooftop machinery as well as a liability for slips and falls.

Pigeons are creatures that stay close to home and they don’t migrate. This means that once these creatures have found shelter they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A day in the life of a pigeon typically looks like a day of feeding, in the afternoon they loft with their friends, and spend the evening roosting. Again, you want to be proactive, so as soon as you start seeing pigeons call you need to call Feral Peril.

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