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Feral Peril was established in 2019 and has been growing exponentially ever since. Our friendly, professional, expert technicians are in the business of keeping your home or office pest and rodent free. Various types of pests and rodents love to find shelter in your home or office and Feral Peril has a solution for each and every one of them.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. We assess each situation and come up with a unique and specific plan. We also believe in being proactive, so once we’ve rid your home or office of the problem we then put measures in place to ensure that they don’t return.  Feral Peril is your one-stop shop for all your pest and rodent removal needs.

Types of Pest We Handle

  • Bird control
  • Wildlife control such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, and skunks
  • Pests such as rats, mice, wasps, bees, hornets, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, spiders, silverfish, and termites

After you have discovered that you have a problem and give us a call we will come and do a full assessment. We will identify the problem and provide a clear and specific treatment plan to remove the problem. All of our treatments are environmentally friendly and place where we notice the most activity. The most important part of this process is the continuous monitoring, especially if you are a business owner.

Why Choose Us

  • Humane and professional
  • Quick and responsive
  • Safe and reliable
  • Technicians have been comprehensively trained
  • Friendly and personable
  • Bonded and insured
  • Most competitive rates around
  • Results guaranteed

The majority, if not all, homeowners will experience some sort of pest issue in their lifetime. Just the thought of this can raise ones blood pressure and cause anxiety. When you think of all the damage and health risks that these tiny creatures can cause it can overwhelming. Feral Peril is here to ease all your fears and concerns.

If you’re a business owner you know and understand how imperative it is to have such an issue under control. An issue like this could not only cost you customers but money as well. Feral Peril guarantees to work with you and come up with a plan to resolve your problems once and for all. We provide customized solutions because no two issues are alike.

Feral Peril is a well-known brand in the pest control industry with multiple pest control products that we sell daily. Many building engineers, builders, pest control contractors, and businesses purchase our pest control products. Check our online store:

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Following are some of our most popular products that you may want to buy:

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If you would like your pest problem taken care of professionally, we’d be happy to help!


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