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Pest Control Regina

Pest Control Regina

Are you looking for a trusted company for pest control at your home or office property? Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control Incis here to solve all your pest and bird control problems. We provide pest control services for residential homes, apartment balconies, commercial buildings design phase – architects and engineers.

Bird Control Regina, Saskatoon | Wildlife Services

In Regina, SK and the surrounding areas including cities in Alberta, we provide safe bird control services such as bird netting and exclusions, bird trapping programs, bird spikes / pigeon spikes, electric bird deterrent tracks and commercial cleaning & disinfecting.

In addition to bird control, we also provide wildlife services such as:

  • Bat removal services
  • Squirrel & raccoons removal services
  • Skunk removal services
  • Wildlife prevention services
  • Dead animal removal services
  • Emergency animal removal

Other pest control services include:

  • Mice removal services
  • Rat removal services
  • Cockroach control services
  • Wasp removal services
  • Hornet removal services
  • Bed bugs removal services
  • Carpenter ant removal services
  • Flea removal services
  • Pavement ant removal services
  • Silverfish removal services
  • Squirrel removal services
  • Spider removal services
  • Termite extermination services

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