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Regina Pigeon Control Removal

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Bed Bugs & Cockroaches Pest Control Extermination

All our technicians are equipped with award-winning training and exceptional expertise and guarantee safe extermination. Get in touch with us for Bed Bugs, Spider, Pavement Ant, Carpenter Ant, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, House mouse, Rat and Raccoon Removal Services.

Pigeon Control Services in Regina, Saskatchewan

Apart from the above pest removal, we also provide Pigeon Removal – Pigeon Control services in Regina, Saskatoon, SK.Ā  We are specialists in the trapping, removal and control of pigeons in commercial and industrial areas such as airports, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and hotels.

We only use effective traps, netting and humane techniques to remove pigeons from your property.


Whether you are in the CENTRAL ZONE: Al Ritchie, Cathedral, Core Group, Downtown, Eastview, Gladmer Park, North Central, Transitional Area OR in the EAST ZONE: Greens on Gardiner, Arcola East – North, Arcola East – South, Boothill, Glencairn, Glenelm OR in the NORTH ZONE: Argyle Park-Englewood, Coronation Park, Northeast, Uplands OR in the SOUTH ZONE: Albert Park, Hillsdale, Lakeview, Whitmore Park OR even in the WEST ZONE: Dieppe, McNab, Normanview, Normanview West, Prairie View, Regent Park, Rosemont/Mount Royal, Sherwood/McCarthy, Twin Lakes and Walsh Acres / Lakeridge. We offer services forĀ Residential Homes, Apartment Balconies, Commercial Buildings. We ensure health and safety policy standards for a safe workplace.

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