Pest Exterminator Regina, SK

Number One Pest Exterminator Regina, SK

Number One Pest Exterminator Regina, SK

If you are tired of being surprised by household pests and are ready to say goodbye to them for good, then Feral Peril Regina, SK is here for you. Feral Peril Regina, SK offers top-notch pest control at affordable prices. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and if you spot any pests in between treatments just give us a call and we’ll be right there. Our expert pest control experts stand by their work and get the job done right the first time. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your home without the fear or worry of unwanted pests.

When you begin to see pests in your home or office it’s only natural to want them gone as soon as possible. The first response is to usually go to the home hardware store and pick up some traps and/or bait. While these things may work they are only temporary. If you want a long-lasting permanent solution, you need professional pest control, like Feral Peril Regina, SK. The pest exterminators at Feral Peril are professional and trustworthy. With our years of experience, we have built a strong and trusted reputation within our community.

Pests and bugs may be small in size but when you find them congregating on your counter or around the bathroom sink, it takes away your peace of mind. Contrary to popular belief, most pest infestations have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home. You can prevent an infestation with just a few precautions such as:

  • Sealing up all those little cracks in the baseboards and holes in the window screens.
  • Cleaning up all the crumbs and wiping down all surfaces after use.
  • Keep all your shrubs and tree limbs away from the sides of your house.
  • Keep all food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Because pests and bugs love moisture, as soon as you notice a leak, fix it.

When you hire the professionals at Feral Peril Regina, SK, your treatment is specific to your situation and effective. Every single one of our exterminators is professionally trained, and licensed, and delivers results. When one of our expert pest control exterminators comes to your home or office you can expect:

  • They will show up on time and do a thorough inspection of your home or office.
  • They will come up with a specific customized plan to not only just remove your pest problem but to also keep them out long term.
  • They will also make follow-up visits to ensure that your home or office remains pest free year round.

Types of Pests Feral Peril Takes Care Of:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Wasps/Hornets
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Termites

At Feral Peril Regina, SK we also handle those pesky pigeons. We offer a variety of different ways when it comes to pigeon control. We have netting, spikes, and electric deterrent tracks. Pigeons are not only messy but they can also cause structural damage and health issues. As soon as you see them congregating around your home or office give Feral Peril a call so we can safely remove them from your premises.

Feral Peril Regina, SK, is here for all your pest, wildlife, and bird control needs. Our experienced, professional, trustworthy, exterminators are here to help you eliminate your pest problem. Our services and techniques are humane, effective, and efficient. At Feral Peril, we believe in continuous professional development, which means we are always learning about the latest and best ways to help our customers. Give us a call today for your no-obligation quote.

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