Pigeon Control Experts in Regina, SK

Expert Pigeon Control in Regina, SK

Expert Pigeon Control in Regina, SK

Every year pigeons are a nuisance and cause damage to numerous Regina, SK businesses and homeowners. When it comes to pigeons it is important to take a proactive approach before the problem gets out of hand. Not only do pigeons carry harmful diseases, but their feces can also corrode your home or office building. When their feces and nests start to accumulate not only is it unappealing, but it can also become a host for parasites like bird mites. Using a pigeon control service like Feral Peril Regina can save you a lot of money in the long run as well as keep you safe from disease.

Why Use a Professional Like Feral Peril Regina?

  • Protect your property value
  • Eliminate the spread of disease
  • Protect and improve your image
  • Eliminate health and safety issues
  • Decrease liability
  • Keep maintenance and repair costs at a minimum

The technicians at Feral Peril Regina, SK go through extensive training that makes them equipped to deal with pigeon control for both residential and commercial spaces. Our methods are humane to ensure the safety of both birds and humans. We use materials such as bird netting, bird spikes, as well as other deterrents. Our products and services are top-notch. If you are experiencing issues with pigeons please give Feral Peril Regina a call for your free no-obligation quote.

Types of Properties Feral Peril Regina Services

  • Houses
  • Condos
  • Apartment Buildings
  • High and Low Rise Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Plazas
  • And more…

If you have an unfinished or damaged portion of your structure, pigeons see an opportunity to swoop in and take over. These areas include unfinished gaps, vents, chimneys, and soffits. Feral Peril has been doing pigeon control in Regina for almost two decades and the one thing we’ve noticed is that it does not take long for a pigeon to make your building its home and start destroying its structure. These birds can cause serious health risks to you, your family, and your employees. Once you see one it’s time to call Feral Peril, Regina.

Damages Caused By Pigeons

  • Health issues and diseases
  • Safety (people can slip and fall from their feces lying on the ground)
  • Structural damage
  • Fire risk from their nests
  • Disruption to business or loss of reputation due to feces covering the ground
  • Can be costly – if you’re cleaning up after these pests daily it can become costly
  • Clogged drains

As you can see there are numerous reasons why you would want to alleviate your pigeon problem. Whether it’s due to being carriers of disease or causing structural damage, these birds are a nuisance. That is why you need the experts at Feral Peril Regina. Through our years of experience and proven track record, we can help you rid yourself of your pigeon problem. Choosing the right method is important and our trained professional technicians will help you choose the right deterrent after taking a thorough assessment of the situation.

Why Choose Feral Peril Regina, SK?

  • Safe and reliable
  • Bonded
  • Friendly and personable
  • Results guaranteed
  • Fast and responsive
  • Professional and humane
  • Competitive rates

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