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Pigeon  Control, Traps, and Deterrents in Regina, SK

Pigeon  Control, Traps, and Deterrents in Regina, SK

Feral Peril Regina is your solution to all your pigeon problems. We have pigeon spikes, netting, traps, and electrical shock. Call us today and one of our experienced, professional, and friendly technicians will come to your home or office, to do an assessment and come up with a plan specifically geared to you and your situation. With every project we take on, your satisfaction is our goal. Feral Peril Regina, SK is dedicated and committed to removing the pigeon problem from your home or office.

Pigeons can be quite a nuisance and create quite a mess. On top of all that they can also cause serious health issues to you, your family, or employees. Through our various techniques, we are confident that you will not need to call us back. We not only fix the problem at hand but put things in place to make sure our feathery friends don’t return. Give us a call and request your free estimate today! Contact Us

Pigeon Netting

Whether you own an apartment building or are just renting, bird netting is your best protection from pigeons. Bird netting prevents pigeons from landing on your balcony and wreaking havoc or nesting. It’s easy to install and won’t obstruct that beautiful view. Bird netting has the most proven long-term success. It works well for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Pigeon Spikes

The name may seem harsh but this deterrent is very humane. Adding pigeon spikes along your ledges prevents pigeons from landing. Pigeon spikes are quite popular due to how easy they are to install. Just take a walk downtown and you become very aware of how pigeons love to roost. Although some may find their cooing to be calming and relaxing their threats far outweigh any positive attributes.

Electrical Pigeon Deterrents

Feral Peril Regina, SK offers electric pigeon deterrent tracks. These electrical deterrents are popular because of their low profile. They are only 8mm in height. The electrical deterrent system relies on a clean constant flow of electrical current. This electrical current can be provided either by a solar panel or from a source supplied by the building itself. The small downside to this option is that it does require some maintenance as debris, water, or snow can cause it to stop working. Rest assured though that this option is still very much humane. The electrical deterrent is meant to prevent the pigeons from roosting not to cause harm.

Pigeon Trapping Program

Just as the heading suggests, this is a program that happens in three easy steps.

  1. The first step is to establish the pigeons roosting habits and patterns. Our exceptional technicians assess the scene and even encourage the pigeons to continue to roost as well as try and attract new pigeons. This allows us to collect the most data on their habits and patterns.
  2. The next step is to start introducing our traps to the scene. We don’t bait or set these traps yet because we want the pigeons to get comfortable around them. We leave the traps wide open so they can roam in and out as they please.
  3. The final step is where we see the fruits of our labor. We place the bait, we set the traps, and then we continue trapping until there are no more pigeons.

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