• High performance three quarter inch (3/4″) hexagonal mesh bird netting;

  • With a 75 pound breakage threshold;

  • This durable netting is ideal for protecting residential and commercial properties from many birds;

  • Simple to install using staples, traps, avian cable, fasteners or hog rings;

  • This is flexible and designed to give you the best protection against small animals and birds;

  • UV stabilized for protection from the sun and is tightly woven for extreme cold weather protection;

  • There are many applications such as caging, separating, breeding and harvesting;

  • Guaranteed 10-year life span, nontoxic;

  • Will not rust, rot, or mildew;

  • Color: Black

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Weight22.6796185 kg
Dimensions25 × 50 cm

25×50 Feet, 50X50 feet, 25 x 25 Feet