• Made for keeping out squirrels, cats, dogs and other unwanted animals that can destroy vegetables, plants, and leave some unwanted waste behind;

  • They are not long enough to penetrate paws or maim any animal, but a squirrel jumping on one of these mats from a tree will never want to do it again; 

  • These mats can be cut with scissors to whatever length or width you like. Then it can be placed under a layer of soil in a garden, wrapped around a tree trunk, power pole, rain gutter, or any other vertical object to discourage unwanted animals from trying to climb it;

  • These mats can also be cut into long thin strips then wrapped lengthwise around power lines, cable/internet lines or other lines coming to your house; 

  • Plastic spike will keep squirrels, cats, dogs and other animals away but will not harm them.

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Dimensions78 × 11 cm