• This bird repellent tape is made of high quality thick and durable reflective material. It is eco-friendly and harmless to birds;

  • By utilizing the bird’s natural instincts, these strips of tape tell all birds to keep away.  The diamond pattern design produces a bright reflection that alarms birds of danger and scares them away. The tape creates a metallic noise as it flaps in the wind, adding an additional threatening sound to help with keeping the birds away;

  • Tape is double sided, having the mirrored multi-colored reflection on both sides for optimal performance;

  • To install, simply cut strips of flash tape and attach the strips around tree branches, windows, siding, railings, decks, posts, garden fences, and any location needed to scare away birds;

  • This a very solid and economical solution to your bird troubles;

  • Please note that this is NOT an Adhesive tape.  It is designed to fly freely in the breeze;

  • Size:4.8x150FT

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Dimensions4572 cm