• Humane Solution: This Mouse Trap is the answer to all your mouse problems. Being 5.28 inches long 3.8 inches wide and 1.26 inches in height this mouse trap lets you get rid of mice without even seeing them

  • No Mess: Don’t want to get hurt or injure the mouse while trying to catch it where other mouse traps have probability to harm the mice this trap does not create any mess and helps you release them unharmed

  • Smart and Robust Design: Once the rodent goes into this cage there is no way to get out and they are trapped until you release them the sturdy design of this mouse trap makes it durable and can be used various times

  • Wide Usage: Our trap can be used both inside the home and outdoors and is totally safe and convenient in both conditions even with kids and pets around this trap works really well and has no safety hazards tied to it

  • Easy-To-Use and Clean: This mouse trap is perhaps the easiest to use and even easier to clean it and reset it later and is also guaranteed to catch mice if there are any indoor or outdoor

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Weight2.72155422 kg
Dimensions13.45 × 9.6 × 3.20 cm