• Simple & Effective: Silver Mylar pinwheels can move easily in the breeze, causing bright flashes of light scaring birds away;

  • Birds such as sparrows, pigeons, woodpeckers, crows, ducks, geese, hawks, etc. will cease to be an issue with these decorative pinwheels in your flower or vegetable garden;

  • Made of heavy duty holographic Mylar, the pinwheel is non-toxic and durable, its silver reflective finish will not fade.   It can be used all year round;

  • Most birds are afraid of bright flashes and our silver reflective pinwheels easily just scare the birds away.  It is a no harm, humane way to scare birds away;

  • Come in packs of 10 Pinwheels;

  • The assembly method is simple and no tools are needed.  Then once assembled, insert the pinwheels directly into the soft soil or hang the spinner on the trees;

  • The pinwheel spinner can be used in farms or gardens to protect crops or vegetables;

  • You can even hang them on fruit trees.  These pinwheels are widely uses in vineyards, orchards, homes, gardens, barns, and trees;

  • Or you may just want to use them as a décor for your home garden, lawn, or pond.

    • Material: Mylar

    • Color: Silver

    • Dimension: 7.87″ wide x 21″ tall

    • Quantity: 10-packs

    • Package includes: 10 x Reflective Pinwheels

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Dimensions54.864 × 20.32 cm