• Approx. 17,000 detonations from a 9KG (20LB) propane tank that makes it an efficient gas consumption;

  • Last volume up to 120db loud propane blasts scare birds;

  • Blast volume adjustable by telescopic inner barrel;

  • 1-shot device;

  • Interval between shots infinitely adjustable from approx. 40 seconds to approx. 30 minutes;

  • High reliability piezo electronic ignition detonations;

  • The Zon Mark 4 is the most user-friendly propane cannon in the world, full mechanical operation;

  • Suitable for birds and kangaroos;

  • Very easy to maintain, with only a few moving parts;

  • Very effective and inexpensive.

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Weight9.0718474 kg
Dimensions80 × 19 × 25 cm