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Get Your Free Estimate for Silverfish Control in Regina, SK

Get Your Free Estimate for Silverfish Control in Regina, SK

Do you have a silverfish problem at home or in the office and live in the Regina, SK area? When it comes to residential, industrial, and commercial areas, silverfish have always been a problem. It’s not always easy to notice you have a problem as these little critters are nocturnal and do most of their dirty work while you are fast asleep. Silverfish are typically drawn to dark and hidden spaces which can leave their presence undetected for some time.

Removing your silverfish problem can be quite the feat as they can fit into the tiniest of spaces and usually only come out at night looking for food. The most effective way to help rid yourself of their presence is by monitoring their infestation. A few ways to do this are:

  • Reduce their food source – keep all foods, like flour, pet foods, cereals, etc, in air-tight containers
  • Vacuum your carpet, flooring, and furniture on a regular basis
  • Dust frequently, especially behind your fridge and stove
  • Fix faulty plumbing as soon as you notice it
  • Don’t let there be any stagnant water sources in or near your home
  • Reduce the clutter

The most important thing to remember when dealing with silverfish is that as soon as you notice them in your home or office, is to call the professionals at Feral Peril. When silverfish are left untreated it’s not just about dealing with an infestation, they can actually cause severe damage to the property. It can be difficult to notice them as they reproduce slowly and can hide in the tiniest of spaces. This is why as soon as you spot one you give the expert technicians at Feral Peril a call.

Ways to Rid Your Home of Silverfish

Following are 5 easy steps on how to get rid of silverfish. These are easy steps that you can implement into your daily lives once Feral Peril has removed the infestation and kept the silverfish at bay.

  1. Keep all bagged and boxed food sealed up
  2. Reduce humidity – this can easily be done by purchasing a dehumidifier
  3. Clear all clutter so they have nowhere to hide
  4. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – this is a natural repellant and is said to be placed around baseboards – for best results do this in the evening before bed when they begin to get active
  5. Traps – if you’re wanting to be really diligent in not having them return you can always purchase little silverfish traps

When you use the professional bug removal services at Feral Peril, we won’t only remove the problem but we will also put preventative measures in place to ensure that it won’t happen again. If you have silverfish in your home we’ll help rid your home of the excess humidity that silverfish love by the use of exhaust fans, we will seal up all the gaps and tracks that they travel through, and we will also help you to ventilate places such as attics or other closed rooms to make sure there aren’t any silverfish. When it comes to the outside of your home we will help remove all debris surrounding your home, we’ll aid in keeping those gutters clean so as to remove silverfish wanting to infest your home, and if need be we will use an eco-friendly spray to rid your home of these little critters.

Why Choose Feral Peril for Silverfish Removal

  • We ensure the complete removal of your silverfish infestation
  • Our services are available 24/7
  • Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to deal with your silverfish problem
  • We look at all possible places of infestation and rid your space of the issue

So if you’ve noticed a few silverfish here and there give the good people at Feral Peril a call. We can discuss treatment plans and give you a free estimate. We can even schedule an appointment to come to your home or office to inspect the space and give you a more detailed and specific plan just for you.

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