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When wildlife makes its way into your home it’s not only unfortunate but can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on you and your family. You begin to ask yourself, “how’d they get in,” “how do I get rid of them,” “how can I prevent this from happening again?” These are all valid and really good questions, and Feral Peril has the answers and is your solution.


Squirrels gather food for those long winter months and need a place to store it. Your attic is ideal for them and they can gain entry by chewing holes and then running through your walls and into the attic. They build nests, can cause structural damage, and can become a health risk. Homeowners assume that once the weather warms up that they’ll just leave on their own. By this time a new litter is born and they’ve made their home in yours.


Whether it’s pigeons, sparrows, or starlings, when these guys come together it’s never a good thing. They’re not only messy but they can cause some serious health risks to you and your family.  Most birds migrate in the winter but those who stay behind still need a warm place to rest their head. They look for places to shelter them from the elements and that have a good food source.


As the months get colder it can get harder to smell if there is a skunk in your neighborhood. A skunk will typically have more than one den in a neighborhood. When choosing a “home” they like someplace that’s more secluded like under your deck or shed. The best time for removal of these critters is early spring, just as the ground is thawing but before the litter is born.


Raccoons are known for their intelligence and ingenuity, but these are also the same qualities that can make them so destructive when they take up residence in your home. They love warm and dry places like your chimney, attic, and crawl spaces. Having a professional remove these animals is in your best interest as it’s hard to distinguish if one may have rabies or not.


Bats typically live in cliffs and caves but can form colonies in a home or building. Once they’re inside they enjoy the consistency of the warmth between the walls and in the attic. Although small in stature they can still cause huge structural damage and cause health problems.


Mice can enter into a space the size of a dime and because of their high reproductive rate, their families grow rapidly. Because these critters are small their presence can go undetected for a long time all the while the damage they cause grows.

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