What We Do?

When looking for a pest bird control or wildlife control company, you want to be sure to choose an experienced team that can handle your specific situation safely and effectively. At Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control we utilize the most up to date control methods, products, and equipment to bring your pest issues to a quick end.

Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control offers the following when our technicians arrive at your property:

  • Listen to you describe the details of the situation
  • Inspect the problem areas
  • Identify any gaps, weak spots, and any main or potential pest wildlife entry points
  • Provide you with multiple options, tailored to your specific situation
  • Guarantee results and perform follow up-visits to ensure that you remain pest free

Once we remove the pest pigeon or wildlife from your property, we offer wildlife prevention and exclusion services for the property. This is a service that prevents birds or other wildlife from entering and further damaging the protected areas, or, becoming a risk to you and your family’s health. It is recommended that professional wildlife removal services be conducted when met with wildlife problems to avoid risks of injury, health, or further damage to the property. Our pest pigeon and wildlife removal experts can help solve wildlife nuisances in any area. Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control provides both residential and commercial pest bird and wildlife removal and pest control services.


Our Service Areas

Residential pest pigeons, birds, and wildlife at your house.

Our residential pest bird and wildlife removal teams are professional, respectful and experienced. No job is too big, too small, or too difficult. In fact, we are often called in after a general (non-specialist) pest pigeon & wildlife control company has unsuccessfully attempted pigeon, bat, or other wildlife removal. Feral Peril has specialized first-hand experience to handle these delicate situations.

The size of the pest bird or wildlife population living at or on your home will determine the extent of the work needed, and therefore, the cost. The location of habitat is also an important pricing factor. These commonly include overhangs and corners, windowsills, ledges and gutter, gutter-elbow, recessed, semi-sheltered areas, patios and A/C units. These areas can be strategically treated and excluded to avoid re-entry with our solutions.

The variety of structures on residential homes are many and, even though these areas are similar, each problem requires a special approach because the circumstances are always different. Access to these areas for example can sometimes be challenging due to safety concerns. The differences in materials of the structure, its size, age and condition all play a big factor in knowing what works best to effectively wildlife-proof an area.

We have the knowledge and the experience to help you address your residential wildlife removal project no matter how large or small. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and to put all your fears at ease because we stand behind our word.

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Balcony Netting.

When it comes to condos and apartments, nothing is worse than having to disinfect your patio from pigeon feces every time you want to enjoy the fresh air, or to have to endure the smell of burning feathers every time you spark up the BBQ. The most effective solution to keep pest birds and wildlife off of your balcony is to install Feral Peril’s balcony netting. Our industrial strength polyethylene netting comes with a 10-year guarantee and is virtually invisible to the naked eye.  It is a quick and painless installation and comes in three different shades, so that you can continue to enjoy your pigeon free view for years to come.

We work together with property management companies, developers and building restoration companies to help them integrate bird netting safely and effectively with no impact on the structure and/or aesthetics of the building. Tenants and Condo owners can equally benefit from using balcony netting and have peace of mind that the work is safe and sound when installed by Feral Peril.

On most apartment buildings the pigeon netting installation is approved and encouraged by the property management or owner of the building and you can just simply contact us to schedule an installation. Feral Peril is also often contracted by the building management on an exclusive basis to ensure that the installation is structurally safe, uniform and carries an appropriate warranty.

Don’t forget to contact your insurance provider once installation is done to see if you qualify for a property insurance discount.

With our experience in commercial pest pigeon and wildlife removal, we’ve accumulated references from hospitals, universities, industrial sites, apartment complexes, public utility buildings, warehouses, art galleries and more.

Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control – unlike most pest wildlife control companies – is independent from product suppliers and our recommendations are solely in the best interest of our clients. We won’t sell you dangerous or ineffective pest control methods or lock you into long term monthly service agreements. Our experience in the pest wildlife control industry has allowed us to guarantee a proven strategy to resolve your problems once and for all. We work directly with reputable companies, architects and engineers to provide customized solutions for the most challenging structures – our portfolio speaks for itself.

No two projects or solutions are alike

We visit your property, investigate the problem, sit down with you and listen to your concerns before we even consider presenting a solution and/or quote. We have an armoury of existing products ready to install, as well as custom fabricated solutions for more complex situations. This is where our creative problem-solving expertise comes into play; we have never been stumped.

Before you call a Pest Wildlife Control Company

We are experts in the field of pest pigeon and wildlife control – this is all we do. We have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with a transparent assessment and sustainable solution.  We are bonded, insured, and hold all required certifications to work safely and effectively on your property.

Designing and engineering with birds in mind

Birds are a fact of life wherever humans build. The question is, will you plan for them before, during, or after construction? Feral Peril collaborates with architects, engineers, property owners, and facility managers at any stage of a building’s lifecycle.

Protecting it before it’s built

Architects, developers, engineers, and contractors who engage us prior to construction are helping to ensure their architectural vision remains intact. By getting involved in the early planning and design phases of a project, we mitigate the considerable long-term expenses, hassles, and environmental considerations of the ever-present pest bird factor.

Often, it is the surrounding infrastructure and environment that directs bird behaviour and dictates the potential for bird related problems; however, just because a building offers this potential, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem will arise. If you want to know whether you will have a confrontation with pest birds, call us to have to look at your environment.

Our solutions blend into the architectural-mechanical whole as seamlessly as possible. We pay the utmost respect to the architectural plan, as well as the building’s mechanical function and accessibility requirements. Our installations are a maintenance-free, fully guaranteed, long-term solution.

Cost-effective and ethical

Our approach lowers owners’ long-term facility management costs. Furthermore, many of our clients have found it easier to secure financing for the bird-friendly aspects of a building when these are included in its design and construction, rather than after the fact. We help you evaluate and identify any risks associated with bird habitat to prevent damage to your building.  Depending on the current phase of your project, goals and budget, we can provide you with an integrated solution to prevent bird habitat and reduce roosting. We select the right products and supplies to help you finish the job right.