The Best Pest Wildlife Control in Regina, SK

Wildlife and Pest Control in Regina, SK

Wildlife and Pest Control in Regina, SK

Feral Peril is locally owned and operated and pest and wildlife control and removal are what we do best. We are here to serve and protect our community from the nuisances of the wild. We take care of both our commercial and residential communities and no problem is too big for Feral Peril to handle. We’re just a call away. CONTACT US

When looking for a pest control company you want to look for one with experience and knowledge, and that is what you’ll find at Feral Peril. Our trained technicians don’t only have the knowledge but are backed by years of experience. Our team is continually learning about the latest ways to deal with and handle pests and wildlife so we can better serve you.

Bat Removal Services

Feral Peril guarantees that our bat removal service will be done effectively, efficiently, and in an appropriate manner. We ensure that the removal is humane and with provincial guidelines. We know and understand the importance when dealing with at-risk species and we take every precaution necessary. Bats are active in the evening so that is when we take advantage of the opportunity and come in to work our magic.

Squirrel & Raccoon Removal Services

After conducting a thorough walk-through and assessing the situation we will be able to come up with a solution specific to your situation. We will make you aware of all entry points that are enabling them to get in. Our main method to remove these creatures and their little ones is through a one-way door. How this works is once the animal leaves to do what it does it will be unable to reenter your home.

Skunk Removal Services

Feral Peril takes care of:

  • Skunk prevention
  • Skunk and baby skunk removal
  • Entry-way sealing
  • One-way door installation

We ensure that everyone is kept safe and that you, our valued client, are kept up-to-date throughout the entire process. We explain the process fully because we want to ensure that you know what is happening and how it works.

Wildlife Prevention Services

Feral Peril practices methods that remove pests and wildlife safely from both homes and offices. Our technicians will find out where the animal is located and then safely remove it. For our prevention services, our technicians will inspect the space to see if any animals are currently on the property and then see if there are any possible entry points and cover them up. There are three areas we look at:

  • Chimney Proofing: The chimney is a common way for wildlife to enter your home or office. Feral Peril uses steel mesh to cover the top of the chimney and prevent wildlife from entering.
  • Roof PRoofing: In an attempt to enter your home or office animals can cause damage to your roof and vents. Feral Peril will identify the entry points and then use steel mesh to cover them up.
  • Ground proofing: Some animals prefer the ground and will try and dig their way in. We use wildlife pest-specific material to prevent them from digging their way in.

Dead Animal Removal Services

If you live in an area that is heavily populated by wildlife it is more likely that you’ll require our dead animal removal services. This can be because of a variety of reasons such as traffic accidents, natural causes, or animal attacks. This is unfortunate but it is important to remember that it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Emergency Animal Removal

You may be wondering what would fall under emergency animal removal. These are incidents like a snake found in the toilet, a bat flying around in the living room, or a squirrel or raccoon found somewhere in the home. These are all emergencies where you need help and the animal needs to go now.

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