Why Pest Control Is Essential to Public Health in Regina, SK?

Pest Control and Public Health in Regina, SK

Pest Control and Public Health in Regina, SK

You see a mouse scurry across your kitchen floor or a trail of ants marching from the cupboard to the backyard and immediately feel unsettled. When people think of pest control it is more for their peace of mind, but people don’t understand how important pest control is to their health. Pests carry diseases such as West Nile, hantavirus, Lyme disease, salmonellosis, and more, and it has only increased over the years, This is why Feral Peril Regina is raising the awareness of pest control and how essential it is to public health. We all need to pay closer attention to and become more aware of how pests can affect our health.

At Feral Peril Regina, pest control is more than just keeping your home and office pest-free. With Feral Peril Regina, pest control also includes protecting you from the harm and dangers caused by those pests. It includes our highly qualified and trained technicians keeping our clients safe by protecting their food sources from being contaminated by the bacteria and diseases that these pests carry. Our technicians work tirelessly and exhaustively, in the background, protecting shopping centers, schools, healthcare centers, restaurants, and more.

Types of Pests that Transmit Diseases

When pest infestation is left unattended they carry pathogens that can cause various health adversities, such as infections, allergic reactions,  harmful bites, as well as exposure to their waste and droppings. For the sake of your, your family’s, and employees’ health you want to avoid these pests from entering your home or office. If you do have an infestation you want to seek professional assistance, from someone like Feral Peril Regina, right away.

  • Rodents Mice and rats are known for carrying life-threatening diseases. Rodents can carry fleas and numerous other tiny freeloaders. While in your home or office, they will contaminate your food and water supply.
  •  Cockroaches – Did you know that these ugly creatures carry more than 30 types of deadly bacteria? They can carry salmonella, E. Coli, and parasitic worms just to name a few. Their urine, saliva, and feces become airborne and when exposed can impact your immune system and trigger allergies and asthma.
  • Ticks/Fleas – When it comes to health issues and disease these guys are the most common carriers. While both of these critters have their “peak” seasons, you still need to be very mindful and take action as soon as you notice them.
  • Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are a little unique. They don’t transmit disease but they do however carry viruses and over 45 different bacteria. Different people react differently to bed bugs but these little guys are not something to be taken lightly or to be played with.

Pest Management

Due to the extensive training and experience that the technicians at Feral Peril Regina have, we can confidently say, that we keep both residential and commercial spaces pest-free. Feral Peril Regina removes the pest problem, puts preventative measures in place so they do not return, as well as educates our clients about the importance of organization and cleanliness. Education is very important when it comes to pest control and public health. The simple task of properly putting your garbage in its rightful bins and properly tending to your garden can greatly lower your chance of having an infestation.

Feral Peril Regina is here to help and educate you on all of your pest control needs. If you are experiencing a pest problem or just want to know more about how you can prevent one, please feel free to contact us. Feral Peril is here to serve the people of Regina, SK.

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